The International Folk Art Fair 2016, 11-28 August

Folk art, dance, traditional food on the Main Square


The International Folk Art Fair is being held for the 40th time on the Main Market Square in Kraków (near the Town Hall – the Ratusz). The event is being organised by The “Cepelia” Polish Art and Handicraft Foundation, which supports folk artists, artisans and craftsmen. During these 18 extraordinary days, around 800 folk artists and artisans will be presenting their exceptional creativity.

Apart from artists from the local area and from Poland, representatives from neighbouring European countries will also be presenting their work. Every day will feature a different district, town or country. For Cracovians, the day devoted to Kraków itself – “The world revolves around Kraków” on 14th August (Sunday) – will have special significance. Hungarian Day will be on 17th August (Wednesday) and Ukrainian Day will be on 25th August (Thursday).

Thousands of guests will discover the creativity and wares of potters, weavers, embroiderers, sculptors, painters, ceramic artists and jewelers, among others. On the stage near the Town Hall (Ratusz), performances from artistic and folk groups, cabarets and theatres will provide entertainment.

At the fair, there will also be a chance to try culinary delights from different regions of Poland and Europe. This event will not only display the traditions and unique beauty of folk art – it will also be a promotion of Kraków and southern Poland (Małopolska).

Everyone who visits the fair is sure to find an exceptional souvenir on one of the colourful stalls, as well as hands-on discovery of some rarely encountered cultures and traditions.


Organiser: The „Cepelia” Polish Art. And Handicraft Foundation
Programme of events:


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