The Sacrum Profanum Festival 2016, 1-8 October 2016

Great composers of the 20th century, the avantgarde and indie classical


The Sacrum Profanum Festival 2016 will be held in Krakow from 1st – 8th October.  This time, the international project will have a new look. Nine exceptional concerts will take place during these eight days, including two operas.  As usual, classical music will be combined with other other kinds, and audiences will discover an abundant variety of contemporary music.  We will get to know, for example, different sides of the distinguished composers Karlheinz Stockausen and Luciano Berio. A work by the master Pierre Boulez, who died in January, will be performed, and his composition about the essence of music, its sound, character and harmony will be a tribute to everything he created.  Opera will appear in two guises – Korall Koral for children, and one by Emily Hall with a performance by the star Mira Calix for grown-up audiences.  Performances of works by Maja Ratkje and Agata Zubel, among others, will make up the avantegard.

There will also be exceptional concerts on 1st October, combining academic and alternative trends in music, and on 4th October, at which a work by Kasper T. Toepliz, composed especially for the festival, will be performed. There will be some Polish flavour in the form of the contemporary ensemble Spółdzielnia Muzyczna and Barbara Kinga Majewska, and the acclaimed Mike Patton will present his great vocal abilities, accompanied by the Sinfonietta Cracovia orchestra, among others.  There will also be an exhibition at Bunkier Sztuki gallery, in co-operation with the festival organisers.  The festival is popular with audiences and critics alike, has won many awards, and over a hundred journalists from around the world report on it every year.

All the concerts will be held in the modern congress centre ICE Kraków, and in the Małopolski Ogród Sztuki cultural centre.

Tickets for the Sacrum Profanum festival concerts can be bought at selected InfoKraków information points, online at, and at EMPIK, Media Markt and Saturn shops throughout Poland.

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