Shanties 2017, International Festival, 23rd – 26th February

Tales of the sea to warm up wintry Krakow


The Shanties Festival is taking place in Krakow again between 23rd and 26th February 2017. Although it is a long way from the sea, this project has become one of the biggest in Europe and has come to be regarded as a prestigious event, not just in Poland, but also abroad. For performers of shanties, from Poland and around the world, participating in the festival is seen as a great honour.

Shanties in Krakow has been the birthplace of many sailing hits, which have become part of the shanty canon for good, and it is also a place where the most popular groups today started out their careers in shanties. Polish groups Stare Dzwony and Zejman i Garkumpel are among those who started out here.

Shanties 2017 will begin with the ballad “Ocean marzeń” (Ocean of dreams), and in the next few days, audiences will be entertained by, among others, concerts of sailing songs “Mazurscy Kolumbowie” (Mazurian Columbuses), of sailing poetry “Struna za struną” (String by string) and folk “Tysiące mil” (A thousand miles). The main acts will be the groups Klang, Mietek Folk and the host Grzegorz „GooRoo” Tyszkiewicz.  The festival will end with a final concert called “Pora w morze nam” (Back to the sea for us).

Each year, the Shanties festival transports its performers and audiences into another dimension. A dimension where the past meets the future and the new meets the old, where tradition meets new trends, and musical contrasts co-exist and intermingle. A good time is guaranteed.  


Concerts will be held at:
Radio Kraków, Studio S5, al. J. Słowackiego 22
Klub Studencki Żaczek, al. 3 Maja 5
Kino Kijów, al. Z. Krasińskiego 34

Tickets to individual concerts from 18 to 80 zł



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