Wawel at Dusk Festival in Krakow- Saturdays from 2nd July to 28th August 2016

Chamber music at the courtyard of the Royal Castle in Krakow


The 9th edition of Wawel at Dusk Festival will soon take place in Krakow.  Eight summer Saturdays from 2nd July to 28th August will be devoted to chamber music played at an unusual place. Places where old Polish monarchs once lived and ruled their country will become a magical concert hall. Music will sound in the Batory Courtyard – which is a place inaccessible to the visitors of the castle. The concerts are organised by the Wawel Royal Castle and the Castello Agency.


Castello Agency
e-mail: castellogt@gmail.com
Krzysztof Sadłowski: phone: +48 607-627-448
Małgorzata Janicka Słysz: phone: +48 696-468-652
WWW: http://www.castellogt.pl/strona-glowna

Program festiwalu:

02.07.2016 Maraton Młodych Pianistów oraz Koncert Inauguracyjny, Arcaded Courtyard
09.07.2016 Słowiański Liryzm, Batory Courtyard
16.07.2016 Kolacja na cztery gitary, Batory Courtyard
23.07.2016 Energia melodii i rytmów, Batory Courtyard
06.08.2016 Podwójne Bel Canto, Batory Courtyard
13.08.2016 Gra (z) brzmieniem, Batory Courtyard
20.08.2016 Potęga Chopina i Romantyzmu, Batory Courtyard
27.08.2016 W nurcie muzyki plenerowej – koncert finałowy, the Arcaded Courtyard

Note: on Saturday, 30th July, there will be no concert, World Youth Days take place in Krakow then

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