Frenzy Cafe – Cafe Szał

The terrace of the Cloth Hall with a view on St. Mary's Church


The Frenzy Café (Cafe Szał) is a café nearby the Gallery of Polish Art in the Cloth Hall, unique due to its location in the very center of the Main Market Square and a panorama terrace, being a special attraction. Here, on a sunny day we can enjoy a view on the St. Mary’s Church, the Mickiewicz Monument, beautifully restored houses or tourists visiting the city. After sunset, however, the nature of the familiar views is completely changed. We feel like spectators in a theater, sitting in a VIP lounge, and the characters of the passers-by, surrounded by historical scenery, are actors in a unique performance.

The comfort of relaxation is ensured by comfortable rattan armchairs, functional tables and large umbrellas protecting from the sun during warm days. The specialty of the local is unique Guatemalan coffee, grown at 1,800 meters above sea level, whose beans are roasted the Italian way without flavoring. Mocha, Iced Latte or Milan coffee are of exceptional taste, as well. The menu is very clear, available in both Polish and English. We can choose from large selection of pastries, cakes, ice cream, as well as sandwiches, salads and interesting evening snacks. Milk shakes with mixed fruit and crushed ice are also worth mentioning. Finally, a large beer list and a wine list round up the offering. The service is friendly and smiling, and the orders are carried out very smoothly. The prices are affordable for the location. You can see that the café interior is inspired by the tradition of the place, both artistically and historically.

And everything would be great if it wasn’t for a problem which is posed by locating the café (sic!) or determining the time at which the place (and in particular the terrace) is open. Fortunately, a few hints below will make you solve the mystery yourselves – a detective’s help will not be necessary, and the menu, as well as the attractions on the terrace will be a reward for the trouble.

Entrance to the café: stand at the Adam Mickiewicz monument with your back to the monument and face the Cloth Hall. Walk towards the Cloth Hall. As soon as you reach the building (do not go inside yet!) turn right and take the first entrance (being also the entrance to the National Museum). Up the winding stairs to the first floor.

Open: Mon – Sat 10 a.m. – 11 p.m., in case of bad weather, the terrace is closed at 6 p.m.!!!

Selected items and prices in the menu:

Cappuccino 9 zł.
Cloth Hall cake – portion 13 zł.
Toast with grilled chicken 9 zł.
Caprese salad 18 zł.
Italian butchery board 29 zł.


Address: Main Market Square 1 – 3, Krakow
Contact: +48 695 602 774
e-mail address:

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