The 15th Year of the Dumpling Festival, 11th – 15th August 2017

Another dumpling feast next to Wawel castle!


The Dumpling Festival will be taking place in the middle of August on the Mały Rynek (Small Market Square – just next to Main Market Square, behind the St. Mary’s Church) in Krakow, as is now the tradition. This cyclical event, organized by the Krakow City Mayor and the Krakow Trading Confederation, (Krakowska Kongregacja Kupiecka) has been cultivating and promoting traditional Polish cooking for years. For a few days (from Wednesday to Monday last year), Cracovians and tourists will be able to taste pierogi (Polish dumplings) cooked in dozens of different ways.

Long ago (in the 13th century), St. Jacek Odrowąż fed poor Cracovians with his own handmade pierogi. Today, Krakow’s restaurants and pierogarnie (pierogi restaurants), serve pierogi with traditional fillings – such as potatoes and cheese, known as ruskie (Russian), or cabbage and mushrooms – and also with new combinations such as salmon, venison with wild mushrooms, or lentils. Over 100,000 pierogi were eaten during the last festival, priced at 1.50 and 2 zloty a piece (approx. 0.5 Euro).

Last year’s festival featured performances inspsired by traditional folk music on a stage on the Mały Rynek.

On 14th August last year, the results of the two main festival competitions were announced. The Statuette of St. Jack with Pierogi was awarded to the Krakow restaurant Sekret Smaku for their pierogi with duck and apricots. The audience award, The Figure of King Kazimierz the Great, went to the “Polskie Smaki” restaurant for their “St. Martha’s pierogi” with smoked meat and herbs.


Award Winners 2016:
Sekret Smaku restaurant, ul. Bociana 8, 30-001 Kraków
Polskie Smaki restaurant, ul. Świętego Tomasza 5, 31-014 Kraków

WWW (2016):

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