The Folk Art Fair 2017, 10th-27th August

An international festival of handicrafts, culture and food


The 41st International Folk Art Fair will be held from the 10th to the 27th of August on the Market Square. It is organized by the “Cepelia” Foundation for Polish Art and Handicrafts, which supports folk artists. This event, which lasts over two weeks, is an opportunity to meet artists and artisans from all over Poland and Europe.

Last year, the 40th anniversary edition of the fair, which takes place under the Town Hall tower on the Market Square, featured representatives from many different regions of Poland, such as Podhale, Orawa and Spisz. There were also guests from neighbor countries, including Slovakians, Hungarians and Ukrainians. A different area, region or country was presented each day, including Hungarian Day and Ukrainian Day. There was also a day dedicated to our city, The World Revolves around Krakow. 

Over a hundred folk music groups performed on the stage, and over 800 traders and artists passed through the stalls. The Market Square was taken over by artisans such as potters, embroiderers, weavers, sculptors, jewellers and many more. The special guest was Anna Koziana from Maków Podhalański, who has been at the fair each year since the beginning. There were also competitions, dancing, presentations of regional costumes and workshops on all kinds of handicraft. The fair is also an opportunity to taste delicacies from various regions.

The fair was visited by at least 50,000 visitors and buyers! We expect it to be just as popular this year.


The programme of the fair:

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