The 4th PZU Cracovia Royal Half-Marathon – 15th October 2017

The Royal Running Triad


 The 16th PZU Cracovia Marathon – 30th April 2017
 The 11th PZU Three Mounds Run – 1st October 2017
 The 4th PZU Cracovia Royal Half-Marathon – 15th October 2017


The Royal Running Triad is an initiative which links three prestigious Cracovian running events: the PZU Cracovia Marathon, the PZU Cracovia Royal Half-Marathon and the PZU Three Mounds Run. These runs give you the opportunity to test your abilities, to compete with the best, and also to win attractive cash prizes. And to discover the delights of our city! In order to officially complete the Royal Running Triad 2017 participants should of course finish all three runs in the Triad!

Please note: we will be updating this entry as new information is released. Currently (13th March 2017) we know the dates of the runs, the terms and conditions for the triad and the marathon, and the route of the marathon.

The 16th PZU Cracovia Marathon – 30th April 2017 

This is the most important running event in Krakow, part of the Polish marathon grand slam (Korona Maratonów Polskich). The start and finish will be on the main Market Square in Krakow. The rest of the route will be organised so that runners pass the city’s historical sights and monuments, as befits the event’s slogan, “against the backdrop of history”. As usual, there will be no shortage of accompanying events. Apart from competitors from Poland and Europe, runners from Kenya also usually take part in the marathon, so standards are set high. Almost all the 5,700 participants completed last year’s 15th anniversary PZU Cracovia Marathon! The fastest finished in about 2 hours, and tens of thousands of złoty were awarded as prize money. This year, the prize for the first place will be 20,000 zł.

Map and route description (2017):
Terms and conditions, prizes (2017):

Results from previous years:

1. Kyeva Cosmas Mutuku (Kenya) 2:11:58
2. Metto David Kiprono (Kenya) 2:12:50
3. Elisha Rotich Kipchirchir (Kenya) 2:13:45

1. Salo Taras (Ukraine) 2:17:03
2. Kiprono Justus (Kenya) 2:18:56
3. Orzechowskiy Anatolii (Ukraine) 2:21:37
Best Polish competitor: Lachowski Andrzej 7th place 2:25:24


The 11th PZU Three Mounds Run – 1st October 2017 

Participants in this extraordinary run will take on an 8-mile route between three of Krakow’s mounds – Krakus, Kościuszki and Piłsudskiego. Almost 1/4 of the run is on paths without hardened surfaces. The range of elevation is 160m. The route is demanding, alternating between uphill and downhill sections. The run needs to be finished in the allotted time of 2 hours. The maximum number of participants is 2,500. This is the only mountain run in Poland which goes through the centre of a large city.
Map and route description (2016):
Terms and conditions, prizes (2016):
The Krakow Mounds: Krak Mound Kosciuszko Mound Pilsudski Mound


The 4th PZU Cracovia Royal Half-Marathon – 15th October 2017 

This run is part of the Polish half-marathon grand slam (Korona Polskich Półmaratonów). It offers both seasoned runners, and those who don’t feel ready to take on the full marathon distance, a chance to take on a13-mile route through the historic sites and picturesque streets of the city. The 4th half-marathon will be a wonderful ending to the main part of the running season in Krakow.
Route (2016):
Terms and conditions, prizes (2016):


Terms and conditions:

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