The Night Run (Bieg Nocny) – 28th April 2017

Runnning for fun and for a good cause!!!


Running boosts positive energy and positive emotions. Apart from long distance runs, such as the Royal Running TriadKrakow organises charity runs and special commemorative runs, which almost anybody can enter. The participants can test their strength, run for a good cause, or commemorate an important event. For companies that take part, this is also a great form of team-building.

The Night Run 28th Apri/l 2017, 9pm – this 10 km (6.2 mile) run is being held for the fourth time. The start and finish are on the promenade on al. 3 Maja, near the Henryk Reyman Stadium (halfway down the Błonia), and the route leads via the Błonia and ul. Kościuszki, past the Wawel castle and near the Market Square, among other places. The runners have 1.5 hours to complete the distance. A maximum of 4000 participants will be able to start the race. To take part, you will need to be 18 or over on 28th April 2017.

Route (2016):
Terms and conditions, prizes:

The Kraków Business Run is a large charity relay race which starts and finishes on the main Market Square. Over 1000 five-person teams from over 320 companies took part last year, and raised over 350,000 złoty. The Pomagam Bardziej initiative enables anyone to pay in any amount via a chosen team. Each team member runs 3.8 km (2.4 miles), which together makes up 19 km (11.8 miles) for the whole team. The run is supported by actors and celebrities such as Rafał Sonik, Jerzy Stuhr, and Julia Kamińska.

Route (2016):Market Square – ul. Sławkowska – the Planty up to Hotel Royal (junction with ul. Dominikańska) –  the Wisła embankment near the Wawel castle – the Planty (junction with ul. Franciszkańska) – ul. Wiślna – the Market Square.

The Kraków Independence Run (Krakowski Bieg Niepodległości) – has been held since 2014. On the 11th November, Polish Independence Day, runners in this symbolic event will cover a distance of 11km and admire the picturesque centre of Krakow, running along the Planty, the Wisła Embankment, the Błonia and the Aleje. The participants can look after their own wellbeing and celebrate Independence Day at the same time. Whatever your fitness level or political views, by taking part in this run you can look after your health and help those in need. Cracovians cheer on the runners, who can look forward to a bowl of delicious żurek (traditional sour rye soup) at the finish line.


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