The 10th Wawel at Dusk Festival 1 July – 26 August 2017

Concerts on the Royal Castle's historic courtyards


The 10th Wawel at Dusk festival will be starting on 1st July 2017. This extraordinary musical feast is being put on once again by Wawel Royal Castle and the Castello Creative Group (Grupa Twórcza Castello). The honorary patron of the event is Jacek Majchrowski, the mayor of the city of Krakow. The music of Chopin, Verdi, Bach and Strauss, among others, will ring out on Wawel’s historic Arcaded and Batory courtyards for 9 successive Saturday evenings. The place where the rulers of Poland once proudly walked will become an exceptional concert hall. This will all be complemented by excellent acoustics, the backdrop of the castle’s historic architecture, and the atmospheric dusk. This year’s programme includes the Grand Piano Marathon, the inaugural concert, seven chamber concerts (including a special piano recital by Alexander Gavrylyuk), and the closing concert.

Apart from organizing musical festivals and concerts, the Castello Creative Group also produces recordings of music by the artists they work with:

Festival programme:

01.07.2017 The Grand Piano Marathon, The Arcaded Courtyard, F.Chopin, J.Zarębski, C.Debussy, K.Szymanowski.

Performers: Maria Słysz.10:00 am, Agile Gabriele Bejorait 11:00 am, Anna Holovenko 12:00 noon, Piotr Kowal 1:00pm.

01.07.2017 Inauguration, The Arcaded Courtyard 8:00 pm, W.Michno, F.Chopin, E.Grieg, F.Mendelssohn.

Performers: Marcin Koziak (piano), The CORda Cracovia Orchestra, Maciej Tworek (conductor).

Chamber Concerts:

08.07.2017 The Batory Courtyard 7:30 pm, M.K.Ogiński, F.Chopin.

Performers: Elżbieta Stefańska, Mariko Kato (harpsichord), Cracovia Danza: Romana Agnel i Dariusz Brojek (dance).

15.07.2017 Dziedziniec Batorego 7:30 pm, R.Schumann, F.Mendelssohn.

Performers: Artsemble: Błażej Kociuban, Agnieszka Bugla, Małgorzata Wasiucionek, Krzysztof Katana (violin), Karolina Stasiowska (altówka), Aleksandra Lelek, Krzysztof Sadłowski (wiolonczele), Piotr Kosiński (piano).

22.07.2017 The Batory Courtyard 7:30 pm, F.Chopin, G.Verdi, G.Puccini.

Performers: Paula Maciołek (sopran), Jakub Pawlik (tenor), Paweł Kubica (piano).

29.07.2017 The Batory Courtyard 7:30 pm, F.Schubert, M.Moszkowski, K.Szymanowski.

Performers: Daniel Stabrawa, Maria Zofia Stabrawa (violin), Elżbieta Stabrawa (piano).

05.08.2017 The Arcaded Courtyard 7:30 pm, J.S.Bach, J.Haydn, F.Chopin, Special piano recital.

Performer: Alexander Gavrylyuk.

12.08.2017 The Batory Courtyard 7:30 pm, J.Strauss, E.Kalman, F.Lehar.

Performers: Iwona Socha (sopran), Adam Zdunikowski (tenor), Renata Żełobowska – Orzechowska (piano).

19.08.2017 The Batory Courtyard 7:30 pm, H.Wieniawski, P.Czajkowski, K.Szymanowski.

Performers: Antoni Ingielewicz (violin), Paweł Rydel (piano).

26.08.2017 Finał, The Arcaded Courtyard 7:00 pm, W.A.Mozart, F.Chopin.

Performers: Julianna Awdiejewa (piano), Orkiestra CORda Cracovia, Łukasz Borowicz (conductor).

Tourist Information points:

ul. Św. Jana 2
tel + 48 12 421 77 87

pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2
tel + 48 12 616 18 86

Pasaż Bielaka- Rynek Główny 9
tel + 48 12 421 23 43

„Paganini” shop
ul. Batorego 19
tel + 48 12 423 42 77


Programme and ticket information:

Please note: tickets can also be bought half an hour before the concerts, but it is worth buying them earlier. If you leave it until the last minute, it may turn out that there are none left!


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