Souvenirs from Krakow

What can you buy as a small gift or souvenir?


Below, you will find a few ideas for souvenirs from Krakow, which will keep your trip in your memory for a long time, or make a nice gift for someone special.

The Sukienniece (or the Cloth Hall) building in the centre of the Market Square was used for trading for years, and nowadays houses souvenirs, and is the most convenient (but not the cheapest) place to go. In the Sukiennice, you can buy just about anything: handicrafts, traditional regional products, jewellery and typical souvenirs, such as mugs with the city’s name on or fridge magnets. There are several dozen stalls to choose from, so it is easy to compare items and prices.

The handicrafts on offer are mostly dolls in traditional Cracovian costumes, embroidery, wooden products and also: figurines, hand-painted boxes and chess sets. Everything is available in several different sizes. One unusual item is the chess set for three players, which has been patented by the Krakow scientist Jacek Filek.

Traditional goods:

Item PLN Euro
1 Dolls in Cracovian costume:
a) large 150 36
b) small 40 9.5
2 Cracovian costume for girl 700 170
3 Wooden figures:
a) large 70 17
b) small 10 2.5
4 Set of wooden toys 100 25
5 Traditional chess set for 3 players
depending on size 50-140 12-35
6 Embroidered goods
a) napkins 100 24
b) tablecloths 600 145

Silver and amber jewellery also makes a good souvenir, from small items such as rings, earrings and bracelets, to large necklaces and pendants. It is also worth looking at the hand-painted ceramics from Bolesławiec and crystalware.


Item PLN Euro
1 Silver
a) rings, broaches 50 12
b) necklaces, pendants 100 24
2 Amber
a) rings, broaches 100 24
b) necklaces, pendants 150 36



Item PLN Euro
1 Ceramic goods from Bolesławiec
a) cup, depending on size 60 15
b) plate, depending on size 40 9.5
c) cake stands 170 41


Food products of Krakus brand or Krakowski Kredens company make a tasty gift and are available from delicatessens around the Market Square. The options include packaged dry kiełbasa (Polish sausage), ham, jams, tea, coffee, mushrooms and vegetable preserves. Wawel chocolate factory make sweets that are worth considering, and the company Ciasteczka z Krakowa (or cookies from Krakow) sell packaged cakes. Attractive alcoholic souvenirs include Grzaniec Galicyjski (a regional mulled wine available from shops selling alcohol), liqueurs made in-house at the Pożegnanie z Afryką (Out of Africa) coffee house or digestifs from Krakowski Kredens.

Traditional food items:

Item PLN Euro Where
1 Packaged meat items Krakus brand Krakus brand
a) Krakow kiełbasa 400g. 15 3.6
b) kabanos (dried kielbasa) 180g. 10 2.4
2 Wawel chocolates Wawel – branded stores
a) assorted chocolates 100g 3 0.7
– large bar of chocolate e.g.Tiramisu 280g. 10 2.4
b) chocolate bonbons 430g. 20 4.8
3 Cakes from Krakow Ciasteczka z Krakowa
a) Ciasteczka z Krakowa dessert assortment 500g. 12 2.9
b) Ciasteczka z Krakowa vanilla assortment 800g. 21 5.0



What PLN Euro Where
1 Grzaniec Galicyjski (mulled wine)1l. 15 3.6
2 digestifs (alcoholic tinctures) 0,75l. 25 5.9 Krakowski Kredens
3 plums in liqueur 0,7l. 20 4.8
4 liqueurs in gift bottles from Pożegnania z Afryką 100ml. 9,5-11 2.3-2.6 Out of Africa cafe
– bottle, depending on shape and size 4,5 1.1
5 Traditional Polish cider from Pożegnania z Afryką 275ml. 13,50 3.2


Krakow is, of course, a city of artists, culture and festivals. It is worth looking in Kurant, the musical bookshop on the Market Square, where you will be able to buy CDs released to accompany the Film Music Festival, the Summer Jazz Festival, or the Wawel at Dusk festival, for example. The bookshop also has a picture gallery with works from Krakow’s artists.

 Music CDs:

Item PLN Euro Event Where
1 Krakow music festivals music CDs Musical bookshop Kurant
a) The Best of Cracow Jazz vol. 1 – Traditional 30 7.1
b) Krakow Film Music Festival 2017 40 9.5 FMF 2017
c) Wawel at Dusk Festival – Inaugurative Concert 25 5.9 Wawel at Dusk Festival


Addresses of selected points selling souvenirs:

Sukiennice (or the Cloth Hall)Rynek Główny 1-3, 30-001 Kraków
Kurant (musical bookshop) – Rynek Główny 36, 31-013 Kraków
Out of Africa cafe (coffee house) – ul. Tomasza 21/ Floriańska 15, Kraków
Wawel – branded stores (shop selling sweets and chocolate) – Rynek Główny 33, Kraków

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